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We are committed to offering high-quality Natural Astaxanthin from New Zealand at best prices (hint: Join AstaClub) and with quick and FREE* delivery. Free domestic delivery in Singapore and $10 flat rate SEA Shipping. 

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What is the recommended daily dose of Astaxanthin?

The daily dose of Astaxanthin varies depending on the purpose of use. As a general guideline:

  • For antioxidant benefits, we suggest 4-8mg 
  • For cholesterol and cardiac support, we suggest 12mg 
  • For brain and central nervous health, we suggest 12mg 
  • For recovery from heavy exercise and sports, we suggest 8-12mg 
  • For protection from sunlight's aging effects, we suggest 4mg 
  • For joint health and mobility support, we suggest 8-12mg

Supreme Health products are all formulated professionally using evidence-based optimal doses. Follow ‘Suggested Use’ labeled on each box/bottle to experience optimal benefits of supplementation.

If I want to support my heart and eyes, do I take two daily 12mg astaxanthin doses or will one suffice?

We recommend taking one capsule of each Advanced Cardiac Support and Advanced Vision Care, to get a total of 12 mg Astaxanthin.

When is the best time to take Astaxanthin? 

Astaxanthin is best absorbed when it is taken with meals. 

Is it risky to take higher doses of astaxanthin? Are there any side effects?

The formulation and recommended doses developed for each product are based on research and clinical studies, and are proven to be safe and effective. We suggest supplementing based on our recommended dose.

Numerous studies have experimented with larger doses and identified no harmful side effects. US FDA have also awarded Natural Astaxanthin a GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) classification. At very high doses (40-50mg/day) you might encounter slightly pink-red hued skin as levels of the supplement build up and redistribute.

Can I give it to my children?

For children under the age of 10, we recommend consulting their doctor for advice on supplementation.

Can I use astaxanthin when pregnant or lactating?

Many research studies on animals have proved it is considered extremely safe and have caused no harm in pregnant animals. However, we do not recommend taking astaxanthin during pregnancy or lactation.

What is the difference between astaxanthin from H. Pluvialis versus krill, shrimp and salmon?

Natural Astaxanthin can be derived from the micro-algae H. Pluvialis, krill, shrimp, and salmon. Microalgae H.pluvialis produces Natural Astaxanthin, thus it is at the origin of the food chain. Hence, it is far more concentrated and potent, measuring 40,000ppm. Krill provides 120ppm, shrimp 1200ppm and salmon 40ppm.

Natural Astaxanthin from the H.pluvialis strain of microalgae contains the most potent antioxidant levels and bioactivity.

Is it safe to take with my prescription medications?

Natural Astaxanthin is generally safe to be taken with other medications, however we suggest that you always check with your Doctor before taking any new supplement.

Can I take astaxanthin with Warfarin?

Warfarin works to inhibit Vitamin K-dependent clotting factors. Astaxanthin does not contain Vitamin K, so it does not interfere with Warfarin and is safe to be taken in conjunction. See our blog article for more information.

How fast will I notice a difference? 

Since each individual uptakes Astaxanthin differently, some will notice a difference in a day and others may take several days or weeks.  

Do your products contain gluten?

Supreme Health products do not have any added gluten. However, the presence of gluten is not tested and so we cannot guarantee that the products are free from trace amounts of gluten that could come about through the manufacturing process.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us!

  • Free Shipping SG wide

  • $10 Flat Rate SEA Shipping

  • 100% Quality Guarantee