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5 Key Ingredients in ASTAS™ Age-Defying



There's nothing worse than feeling great on the inside, then looking in the mirror, and what looks back at you leaves you feeling devastated… 

Yes with ageing comes wisdom, but who wants to look wizened?

These 5 Natural Ingredients Are The Ultimate For An Age Defying Solution

 From brand spanking new, to the tried and tested - these ingredients are perhaps nature’s best ingredients to make the outside represent more of what you feel on the inside.

All have been carefully selected by Supreme Health's scientists to develop the next generation of natural skin care - ASTAS™ Age Defying combines the power of AstaNZ™ Natural  Astaxanthin with other natural nourishing ingredients for a radiant and healthy complexion.

1. Renew skin cells with SWT-7 Stem Cell Technology

This breakthrough ingredient will save your skin.  Plant stem cells work by replacing, not repairing, damaged cells in the skin. Plant stem cells have the ability to divide and self-renew.

Extracted from Indian Gentian leaves, pure Swertiamarin (SWT-7™) clinically possesses the anti-wrinkle action to smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture after just 7 days.

It works by promoting growth factors that gently increase keratinocyte proliferation for a resurfacing effect that plumps skin.  Helps combat vertical wrinkles, improves lip contour, it diminishes marionette wrinkles and even stubborn crow’s feet for a fresher look.

Indian Gentian

2. Protect your skin with Exo-P Biomimetic Pollution Shield

The older we get, the longer our long-suffering skin has been exposed to ever increasing levels of air-borne pollution including toxic nano-particles and free radicals that not only casuse skin irritation but accelerate the ageing process. 

Exo-PTM is a natural exopolysaccharide from French Polynesia that is derived from kopara mats, it’s the perfect shield to protect and cleanse the skin by reducing fine particle and pollution adhesion.  This novel ingredient restores and brightens skin offering a healthy luminous skin tone.


3. Revitalize cells with New Zealand Grape Seed Oil

Cold pressed, edible and amazing when applied to the skin.  It is a rich source of powerful antioxidant nutrients including Resveratrol, Quercetin, Vitamin’s E and packs an essential fatty acid punch to knock out signs of skin ageing related free radicals.  It helps fights inflammation, reducing scar tissue, tightening saggy pores, regenerating tired skin cells for a brighter skin and a dew drop feel.


4. Nourish skin cells with Jojoba Oil

Long used by desert dwelling tribes to treat wounds and nourish skin, Jojoba oil is a vegetable wax extracted from jojoba plants and is world renowned for its restorative qualities to the skin. Rich in vitamin E, Zinc and B-complex Vitamins that help protect all skin types including acne-prone or over sensitive skin.  Jojoba oil is a great normaliser, it balances oily skin, hydrates dry skin and soothes irritated skin to help fight the signs of aging.  It controls acne when used regularly, helps lighten dark circles and lessen puffiness under the eye.

5. Defy ageing skin with Natural Astaxanthin from New Zealand AstaNZTM

The world’s most powerful antioxidant possesses a unique molecular structure that can span the entire skin cell membrane, strengthening it and protecting it from harmful free radicals and reducing UV damage. This plant-derived naturally occurring red carotenoid penetrates through every skin layer providing protection from oxidative damage, pollution, stress and poor nutrition. It helps to restore moisture levels, improves skin elasticity, promote’s collagen recovery - the causes of premature skin ageing.

Power To Pill

Supreme Health’s ASTAS™ The Ultimate Age-Defying Solution is a brand new skin care range that combines the power of AstaNZ Natural Astaxanthin and the other natural nourishing ingredients above for a radiant and healthy complexion.

All the ingredients in ASTAS™ Skin Care Range have scientifically and clinically proven efficacy to reverse the signs of ageing by supporting and nourishing all the layers of the skin.


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  • Free Shipping SG wide

  • $10 Flat Rate SEA Shipping

  • 100% Quality Guarantee