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Ageing Youthfully With Astaxanthin


There’s no hiding from it – we’re all getting older and in the next 30 years some 2 billion of us will be aged over 60. 

We’ve all heard youthful celebrities in their 60’s say that “60 is the new 40”, but can the rest of us age youthfully too? 

It’s not a movement – yet! 

Ageing youthfully is not just about anti-ageing but also includes carrying on doing the things you love, achieving bucket list stuff, having a positive attitude and being mindful of a quality existence without the limitations of a number. Find out about the many things you can do to age youthfully such as improving sleep, getting the right nutrients (such as astaxanthin) and nourishing yourself.

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Move your body and stay active

Being active every day and doing weight bearing exercise will keep you fit, agile and feeling youthful. 

Over fifty years of studies have shown that people over 60 who don’t exercise experience a lower quality of life and are more likely to suffer from degenerative conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and die prematurely.

If you don’t move it – you lose it!  Exercise and physical activity maintains muscle-mass, good posture, helps keep a positive outlook and improves overall health and wellbeing – all of which are vital for ageing youthfully.

Brain Power


Learn New Things

An active brain is a young brain. 

Everyone suffers from “senior moments” occasionally but it doesn’t mean you are on the slippery slope of cognitive decline.  

Discovering new things about yourself and the world around you, helps maintain a youthful attitude.  An enquiring mind feeds on new information has been shown to help reduce the risk of dementia and diseases of the ageing brain.

Challenge your brain with mental exercises, choose activities and hobbies that require you to be mentally alert and active.  By using all of your senses it will increase the blood flow and the activity in your brain. 

If you don’t use it – you lose it!


Nourish yourself

Drinking plenty of water and a diet packed with vibrant colourful plant based foods is loaded with anti-ageing antioxidants, essential nutrients, fibre and healthy fats that prevent inflammation and degenerative diseases. 

Choose quality whole foods that are full of the right kind of energy, nutrition and protein that have less harmful additives that contribute to disease.


Sleep Well

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to feel rejuvenated and quality sound sleep is key to ageing youthfully. 

Sleep is when our body and mind repair and detoxify, poor sleep causes toxins to build up and delays essential repairs.  Prolonged inadequate sleep equals inflammatory health issues like slow wound healing, headaches, brain fog and cognitive decline. 

Improving Sleep Patterns

Go to bed and get up and consistent times, increase bright light exposure (go outside) during daylight hours, reduce blue light exposure at night, reduce stimulants like caffeine and guarana.


Take Endurance & Recovery

Supreme Health’s Advanced Endurance & Recovery Program is formulated to support active people.


It enhances natural energy levels, promotes prompt recovery after exertion and boosts endurance levels.  Containing Natural Astaxanthin and a blend of essential nutrients, amino and fatty acids that will actively fund ageing youthfully. 

Anti-ageing Nutrients

Natural Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant yet discovered, it combats free radical damage and inflammation that promotes premature ageing throughout in the body.

Endurance and Recovery combines Astaxanthin along with:

  • Key B Vitamins to fund mental prowess
  • CoEnzyme Q10 for heart health
  • Glutamine and Creatine to help maintain muscle-mass
  • Vitamin’s C, D and E for supporting healthy skin and bone
  • Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA to help dampen down inflammation in the body

Don’t Swap Quantity for Quality

By supplementing your active ageing mind and body, Advanced Endurance & Recoverywill stop the number of years you’ve been alive becoming a barrier to doing the things you’ve always done.

It’s an invitation to fund your body with natural ingredients, to maintain a youthful bounce in your step and sparkle in your eye to age youthfully.



  • Free Shipping SG wide

  • $10 Flat Rate SEA Shipping

  • 100% Quality Guarantee