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Astaxanthin Improves Injury Recovery | Athlete Testimonials


Natural Astaxanthin is now a recognised nutrient that has a multitude of benefits for athletes and people with active or intense lifestyle.

Being able to train and play the sport we love adds fun and excitement to our lives. Injuries, on the other hand, are not so fun. Aside from unlucky accidents, sports people are more prone to injuries through excessive training, repetitive movements, nutrient deficiencies, insufficient rest, and much more… 

Simply said: We are not recovering as fast as we should.

This slow recovery, in turn, makes us feel fatigued, sluggish, and too tired to keep up with our planned schedule.

Female athlete feeling fatigued

No matter what type of injury you are suffering from, be it normal muscle soreness from workouts or strains, oxidative stress and free radicals seem to play a role in the process. This is where antioxidant supplementations will help. 

How can Astaxanthin help you?

For a more scientific explanation, read our previous blog on ‘Why Astaxanthin is the first choice for athletes?

Astaxanthin from Supreme Health

Consider the following testimonials from top athletes that are taking Supreme Health Advanced Endurance and Recovery, which is formulated with New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin and key nutrients for active people to not only prolong endurance levels but also dramatically improve recovery periods.

To further assure that Advanced Endurance and Recovery is safe for athletes, every batch is tested and certified for banned substances by Informed Sport.  

Claudia Paterson - Canoe Slalom

Athlete using Astaxanthin

“I took Supreme Health Advanced Endurance and Recovery religiously through my two-month racing season and I really liked it. Since I had to have shoulder reconstruction surgery last year, I’m super conscious of looking after my joints and I’ve taken astaxanthin for a number of years. I love taking the endurance and recovery because it combines astaxanthin with so many other crucial supplements for performance and recovery, all combined into four small pills a day.

My European season went really well! I was not at all sure how things would go this year since I was still coming out of rehab post-surgery. I was super stoked to make the semi-final at junior worlds and crack a top twenty finish, in 19th place. I’m back at home now, studying for my final school exams, but I’m aiming to be selected for the NZ U23 team next year as well as starting law degree at Waikato University.

Thanks for the support!”


Richard Justice - New Zealand Representative Cyclist

Cyclist using Astaxanthin

“I am an New Zealand representative cyclist, competing as a Masters athlete in many national and international races. In 2014, I was introduced to Astaxanthin and I have been taking Advanced Endurance and Recovery ever since then. I had my most successful National Cycling Championships ever, silver in the time trial and then a couple of days later had a barnstorming ride in the road race to get gold with a solo breakaway.  I was surprised and elated at that – far better than I had expected given recent injury issues I had experienced very pleasing.  Even more interesting was the quick recovery after the racing, with minimal muscle soreness or fatigue compared to what I might have expected. Since I cycle on the road, I often get road rash and wounds, recovery for these have also been quick.

Early last year, I had to go through a spinal fusion and nerve decompression surgery for the nerve pain that I have been having for about 5-6 years. This was quite major surgery, with my doctor saying that I would not be able to race for 12 months after surgery and would be on drugs for around 6 months. I had started taking Advanced Endurance and Recovery in the months prior to surgery and recommenced about 1 month after the operation, having come of all the drugs and pain medication in just 3 weeks! The medical team was pleasantly surprised at my fitness prior to the operation and my great recovery afterward.  I managed to start training indoors soon after surgery, and after just 7 months I raced at the world champs on the track in Manchester! My doctor said my recovery was remarkable. I put a lot of my excellent recovery in the past year and more recent return to form down to following a sound rehab regime and the continuing benefit and recovery from the supplements.

I would recommend this to anyone with an intensive lifestyle!”


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