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Precious eyesight


When we consider the 5 senses, sight, touch, sound, taste and smell, probably the most important sense is Sight.  It truly is a precious gift, one that we often take for granted. Ask any middle-aged person who is beginning to rely on glasses to read or drive - how they miss their sharp youthful eyesight?

Unfortunately, we are now seeing (pardon the pun) more eye complaints than ever before, this can be attributed to the increasing rates in high blood pressure, Diabetes and most of all to the increased use of computer screens, telephone screens, tablets and other LEDs etc.  There is no doubt that computer screens have contributed to this growing list of eye problems and visual impairments, which include:                               

  • Reduced visual sharpness
  • Eye fatigue and soreness
  • Poor visual focus and accommodation
  • Dry eyes and irritations (Blepharitis, Keratitis) 
  • Reliance on glasses and contacts at an earlier age
  • Premature Cataracts
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The # 1 cause of blindness in people over 60 years of age, for which there is currently no cure
  • Glaucoma                                                                                           


The outcome from both AREDs I & AREDs II - clinical studies on macular degeneration, fell a little short of the goal to provide complete answers to the question…are nutraceuticals significantly beneficial for eye health – However, the studies did point in the right direction with regards to those individuals who have a genetic predisposition to macular degeneration.  The AstaSupreme, Advanced Eye Care formulation has included these findings in its formulation.

Risk Factors

We do know that the most common risk factors (smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, computer screens, direct sunlight etc.) cause damage to the eye structures by generating large amounts of Free Radicals – these harmful molecules inflict damage to the sensitive photoreceptors in our eyes. They also speed up the wear and tear and aging effect of the other important structures, particularly, the Lens, Ciliary muscles and delicate blood vessels.   Therefore, one key is to protect these vulnerable parts with specialized nutrients. Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care contains researched - targeted nutrients, known to enter eyes and deliver protection to these vital components.  

Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care is the leading formula, addressing the major eye conditions we are witnessing today

Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care is composed of a proprietary blend of carotenoids that have been shown to target key eye structures.  This advanced formula is based on the latest scientific studies - created to protect and boost ageing eyesight.

Supreme Health Advanced Vision Care – Features:

1) The first Tetra-Carotenoid complex formulated for eyes 

2) Saffron – which has been shown to slow Aged-related macular degeneration

3) Zinc – essential mineral, needed to activate vitamin A in the retina

4) Phospholipid – Enhanced delivery mechanism



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  • Free Shipping SG wide

  • $10 Flat Rate SEA Shipping

  • 100% Quality Guarantee