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Five Things That Weaken Immunity


Feeling sick and tired all the time? This is why!
There are two types of people in the world:

  1. Those who are strong and healthy that almost never gets sick, and
  2. Those who are prone to sickness and fatigue that always manage to hop on the cold and flu bandwagon

Do you ever wonder how the strong and healthy group maintain their immunity? A strong, healthy immunity will help you fight off diseases and sickness. Immune support is key for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Find out the five things that weaken your immunity which you should avoid.

Stress weakens immunity


People often assume stress only directly relates to our mental and emotional health, but the body only reacts to stress in one way, whether it’s a sabre-toothed tiger or a bad relationship break up. Stress raises cortisol levels that decrease the production of “good” prostaglandins. “Good” prostaglandins play an important role in acting against inflammation. Low levels of “good” prostaglandins, increase the likelihood of suffering from colds and flu.

Stress also causes oxidative stress in the body, where free radicals are formed that attack healthy cells, eventually causes DNA damage which further compromises immunity.

Poor Diet weakens immunity

Sadly the majority of busy people rely on pre-packaged, convenience and fast foods (e.g. instant noodles, microwavable meals) due to hectic stressful lives and poor dietary choices. These food types usually contain a huge amount of sugar, pesticide residue, chemical additives and preservatives. Prolonged consumption of these synthetic additives and ingredients weaken the immune system and readily form free radicals that cause oxidative stress, making the consumer vulnerable to chronic health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease, some cancers and more. 

Alcohol weakens immunity


Catching up with friends over a glass of beer or wine is a social norm for most people.  It’s all fun and games until you notice a change in your immune system.   Alcohol, just like sugar, reduces the ability of white blood cells to kill germs and produces oxidative stress with excessive free radicals that are harmful to immunity. Short-term side effects of regular alcohol consumption include increasing the likelihood of colds and flu.  Long-term side effects of regular alcohol consumption include a lowering of immune cell function and its ability to deal with infectious diseases and cancer.

Lack of exercise or excessive exercise can weaken your immunity


It is vital to have a moderate work-out routine and stay physically active. This helps to keep you mentally alert and promotes increased blood flow for accelerated detoxification pathways. A lack of exercise weakens the performance of white blood cells and excessive exercise results in oxidative stress. Both of these situations can result in having a weakened and vulnerable immune system.

Air pollution weakens your immunity

Air pollution comes from a wide range of pollutants, including vehicle exhausts, commercial and industrial combustion, cigarette smoking and much more. This huge impact on human health with compromised immunity of the respiratory system including breathing difficulties like asthma, emphysema and more caused by cardio-pulmonary complications and chronic disease.

3 Healthy ways to strengthen immunity

To stop yourself from falling into the category of someone who is sick and tired all the time, a concerted effort is needed to maintain a healthy immune system and fight off the unwanted free radicals in your body. This can be achieved by:

  1. Getting an adequate amount of sleep and rest- Brain function, hormone production, antioxidant and free radical balance are greatly impacted by sleep. Therefore, it is crucial to make time for rest and sleep even when you’re stressed and piled up with work.
  2. Get moving - Create a regular and moderate exercise routine. This will help to reduce the oxidative damage by gently increasing the natural antioxidant levels but it will also enhance your overall immunity to support a longer lifespan with less ill-health and premature aging effects.
  3. Eating a healthy diet with balanced nutrients is essential for building and maintaining a healthy immunity. Check out our previous blog post on “Top Six Nutrients for Immunity” for more information on some of the most vital nutrients you require to support a strong and active defence and immune system.

However, as much as we want to get more rest and sleep to combat the free radicles in our body systems, or spend more time on exercising to regulate a healthy immune system, it’s often out of our control due to the busy, stressful modern life. This is when supplements can act as an additional health boost to actively regulate and maintain a robust immunity.

Nutrients for a healthy immune system


Supreme Health’s Advanced Immune Support is formulated with a great combination of two powerful antioxidants to build and maintain a strong immune system, with our hero ingredient AstaNZ (New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin) and Vitamin E.

Astaxanthin, the strongest antioxidant in the world, acts to fight off and balance all the unwanted free radicals in the body to reduce harmful oxidative stress. Together with vitamin E, Advanced Immune Support supports people with compromised immunity, autoimmune conditions and people who simply want to improve their overall wellbeing, with a better and healthier immune system. 


  • Free Shipping SG wide

  • $10 Flat Rate SEA Shipping

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