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Mitochondria Importance in Heart Health


Ever wonder how does your heart beat at an average rate of 80 beats per minute, 4,800 beats per hour and 115,200 beats per day? It’s hard to even imagine the amount of work it is doing and the energy it needs to sustain the activity. This never-ending activity is only possible because we have power plants (mitochondria) in every cell in the heart supplying energy for each heartbeat. As we get older, our powerplants get weaker and so does our heart. Find out more about what is a power plant, how to protect it for a healthier heart and learn about how you can use natural astaxanthin for greater cardiac support.

What are Mitochondria?


Every cell in your body has tiny power plants, called Mitochondria.  Like a power plant, they convert fuel (nutrients and oxygen) into energy molecules that fund cellular activity.  The number and size of the mitochondria in a cell can vary (1-10,000) depending on what type of cell it is and its energy requirements.

A muscle cell in the heart requires a whole lot of energy and have thousands of mitochondria working to pump nutrient and oxygen-rich blood around the body, all day every day. While our mitochondria work to generate energy that we need, it also produces huge amounts of harmful free radicals as a by-product.

Free radicals are harmful molecules that can cause oxidative stress and damage to cells, DNA and even the mitochondria itself. These damages lower energy production efficiency, and this is why we feel fatigue and sluggish as free radicals accumulate with age.


Astaxanthin Keeps Our Mitochondria Healthy

Our body has its own defense mechanisms to mop up free radicals, but it’s dependent on optimal health and nutrition. (You can also read our blog post to learn about the eight best nutrients for heart health).  When the stress of modern life overwhelms us and our health declines, this defense mechanism is overwhelmed and unable to cope with the cleanup. When this occurs, these tiny power plants become dysfunctional and deteriorate, producing fewer energy molecules and even more free radicals. 

This is where Antioxidants comes into play. Antioxidants have the ability to neutralise and clean up harmful free radicals, stopping it from damaging our cells.

Natural Astaxanthin is known as “The King of Antioxidants”, being 6000x stronger than Vitamin C, 800x stronger than CoQ10 and 550x stronger than Green tea polyphenol. Astaxanthin can clean up more free radicals than any other antioxidants known to scientists.


AstaNZ™ Astaxanthin – A Powerful Mitochondria Nutrient

Supreme Health is the sole producer of Astaxanthin in the Southern Hemisphere. In Nelson, New Zealand, a genetically unique strain of microalgae produces AstaNZ™ New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin. Its unique structure allows it to accumulate in every cell in the body and even inside the mitochondria and to offer complete antioxidant protection.

 Support Heart Health with Mitochondria

Supreme Health combines AstaNZ™ Astaxanthin with other nutrients targeted at heart health, producing the most comprehensive Advanced Cardiac Support formula. The formula aims to nourish the mitochondria, cardiac cells and turbocharges energy production to promote heart health and overall vitality.

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  • Free Shipping SG wide

  • $10 Flat Rate SEA Shipping

  • 100% Quality Guarantee